Business Cards: Networking and More

With the advent of the internet technology you may say that the use of business cards is passé. Wrong. If you have an internet business like for example you are into affiliate marketing, blogging, eBay and auction selling, E-commerce, freelance and consulting services and many more you will still need business cards to help you build your business brand!
What is a business brand? It refers to a design, term, name, symbol or any combination of the four that will specifically identify your services and goods and differentiate it from others. Or to simply put it is anything that makes your business image—logo, style, color, business name and slogan.
There should be uniformity in your business branding from your website, fliers, store signage, and business cards. There are things that you need to remember when you are making your business card to make it effective as a marketing and branding tool. First thing to do is you need to deliver your message clearly to your recipients. In business branding it is very essential to understand that your goal is not to make people choose you over your competitors, but to make them realize that you are the only solution to their problem. So your business card should send this message clearly to your recipients in just a glance. Like for instance if you are into online blogging you may print a small slogan in your business card like, “Professional blogger, cheap rates, fast and efficient service!” Or if you are a lending company you may say “Quick loan releases, low interest rates, no collateral required—everybody’s life saver!”
Next is you must be able to connect to your prospective clients emotionally. Make them laugh by printing a funny quotation or joke at the back of the card, razzle-dazzle them by giving them a unique card like a chocolate business card (yes we do have them) and so many more.
Always motivate them to try your services. Invite them to check your product home page, call you, send text messages and email you. So do make sure that your email address, contact number and URL are indicated clearly in your business card.
Wishing your business to prosper and may you will be abundantly blessed!

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