Business Cards: An Effective Tool in Direct Mail Marketing

Direct marketing is one way of advertising that attempts to reach out to prospective clients without using the traditional media channels such as the television, newspapers, magazines and radio. Companies reach out to consumers or clients straight by using fliers, street advertising and promotional letters like direct mail.

Direct mail is one of the common direct marketing strategies and one of the tools being used are business cards. Through a business card a company promotes their services to people and it is a best way of drawing clients. Therefore it is important to know how to make an effective business card and make it stand.

Captures Attention

We live in a world with people having very short attention span so it is important that your business card must be unique and must make people take a double glance even if they are busy and very preoccupied with other things. There are many ways how to make your business card an attention grabber and one way of doing that is by playing with colors. Studies have shown that certain homogenous group of people react to a specific color the same like if you wish to target impulsive buyers don’t be shy in using red-orange as your business card motif. The usual business card shape is rectangular so you may consider making yours more unique like a folding business card or a cartoon character shaped business card. You may also consider changing your layout. Most business cards have a horizontal layout so why not try a vertical layout?

Make people interested

After successfully capturing people’s attention it is important to keep them absorbed in your business card and to do this your card should convey to them at a glance what good your company can do for them. You can do this by printing your company slogan in the card. Like if you are a lending agency you can print, “Quick Cash and Low Interest Loans!” knowing how tough times are lately I bet everybody will be ringing your phone like crazy.

Sends clear message

At a glance your business card should show people the services that you offer the corporate culture of your company, contact numbers, office hours and of course you name as the contact person.

Stirs people to act positively

A business card’s effectiveness can only be measured by the number of positive responses that you get from you prospective clients. So make sure that there is a strong call-to-action element in your card like printing the words, “Avail of Free Consultation” or “Visit us now and get 50% discount!”

A business card is a very good tool that you can use in promoting your company and it is best for if your company only has low budget for advertising. You can do it on your own or if you want to have an elegant and professionally made business card that is possible because we have lots of printing companies who can do the job for you for only very low prices.

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